Heres the end result of my hard work completely designed, modeled, and textured, in my beginning 3D modeling class

Finally done with my 3D Modeling class

Just got CS5

2010-09-22 04:05:24 by SteamKid

Made a new user pic with my smexy new software. XD

Just got CS5


2010-09-03 18:27:51 by SteamKid

Iam getting the full Adobe CS5 Soon for free, Ill get to make alot more art in a few weeks hopefully.


Behold the most evil level of Tower of Heaven ever made >:D

Just click on the link to the game and load level. Then copy paste this code as it tells you to play and fail horribily XD

200c1111010700140000000000000000130004 13010418011313020415021e19020f13030414 03031503031603030b040f1304040705100e05 0f1305041a05150a061d0b06070c06070e0612 0f06071206071306041506101a06030707150a 07030b07030c07030d070a0e07030f07031007 0a12070419070318080307091c08091b110913 170903080a03160a03060b140a0b140e0b1412 0b14150b03|New Level|Player||

Will post new art soon (may need to be harassed)

2010-08-10 01:33:57 by SteamKid

Heyz to all of my 2 followers lol. I have decided to post more of my art. This time iam only going to be posting the newest ones in my collection, which even then are a couple years old.

Anywho i'll get right on that if enough people give me grief for not putting up any new work in.... forever


My new Logo Design

2010-08-08 16:17:55 by SteamKid

As a class project I was instructed to come up with a personal logo so I followed RedHarvest's How to make a Newgrounds User name to come up with the perfect logo name.

So I came up with ToxicSnail (TM) < so no stealing<3

k laterz

My new Logo Design


2010-07-26 18:23:02 by SteamKid

I just wrote mah first letter to Mickey the Dick. Happy day!

Dear jackass, (aka Mickey the Dick)

Your show is going nowhere fast, I have yet to see you do anything original or entertaining since Game Chat WMTD. Latey you've just been going on long winded rants about nothing for like 10 minutes and then vomit on something due to coming to work intoxicated.
Also Eric is gay and June is a retarded.

With love, Casey Hardig

P.S. How come you never try to escape from VGV studios if you hate it there so much?

P.S.S. Please send me naked pictures of June.



2010-06-21 11:31:32 by SteamKid